Sol Source Sport: Cooking with the Sun!

I found this interesting, satellite dish like, solar stove through Youtube; It was one of the best solar products of 2017. I guess you know that such products can be found here on this site. I would recommend this stove to you, because it is safe, it is easy to use, it uses clean energy and as long as there’s sunlight, you can start cooking.

Hear what some people have to say about Sol Source Sport:
Chef Jose Andreas: “Solar cooking could be the future, a totally free energy source that can reach every home.”

Conrad Anker: “Many mountain climbers and low-income rural people have died from exposure to cooking smoke in their tents and homes. Sol Source Sport could put an end to this.”

For $399 you can buy a stove with no smoke, you can use it for barbecues and all types of outdoor cooking directly under the sun.

Key Features
1. Light weight and compact design: It can be disassembled into a 2 foot bag, it weighs a little less than 5Kg.

2. Quick and easy: It can be assembled or dissembled in about 5 minutes without difficulty.

3. No Fuel required: It is 100% solar powered, it needs no fuel, it does not flame and it directs the heat onto the cooking utensil, and so touching other parts of the stove is not dangerous.

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