Intel’s Vaunt Smart Glass: The Spy Glass King

The Spy Glass King

Intel is working on a new smart glass device. Granting an exclusive interview to The Verge, all the features were discussed. Unlike the Google Glass, the Vaunt is discrete, unassuming and natural. Which is why I call it the ‘Spy Glass King’.

The Vaunt is designed to show simple basic information. And the Vaunt is light and it weighs just about 50grams.
It has a little red monochrome projector which shines the image on a holographic mirror which reflects the red letters directly in to the eyeballs. It removes the need to focus on the writing,and it is just below the extended line of vision.

This is made possible by a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser. The image is called a retinal projection.
Intel has thought about the safety issues and concerns of lasers streaming into the eyes.

 Questions about Vaunt

According to Itai Vonshak, the Vaunt is going to help give directions. Intel is providing a level of a behavioral artificial intelligence system which allows the glass to broadcast what to show and when.

Why a smart glass instead of a smart watch ?
Answer: When the first smart phones came, nobody knew ride-sharing was going to come. But now we have ride-sharing because we have smartphones.We are excited about this because new use cases will come out.

Later in 2018, Intel will give early users access. So developers can get units and start making stuff that works with the Vaunt.It will work with Android and iPhone. Intel will also continue developing a companion app with AI and it will release more styles of the Vaunt Glass.

Answering the question, on why the need for the Vaunt: “Data has been referred to as the new oil, and you need to consume the data somehow. Not only do we manage the data and help you compute the data center with Intel’s servers, we also want to be a part of how the data is presented to you.

Intel designed the glasses in a simple manner, not with a tech look. And so if you get over the grouse of wearing technology or if you even need it at all. The cool thing is you can’t tell when someone is checking out notifications on the Vaunt.

So, get ready for the Spy Glass King: The Intel ‘Vaunt’. It is definitely built with the user in mind.