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GoSun Sport: Portable Solar Cooker

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Go sun stove cooks in a meal in minutes, and yet it remains cool to touch. It comes in a bump proof package ready for outdoor adventure or camping with friends.

It features a solar vacuum tube which acts as a good insulator trapping the moisture and flavor of the food. Go Sun Stove gets you outdoors so you can live a more healthy and abundant life. Go Sun has designed a line of high efficiency solar ovens that quickly and reliably make food without fuel.  And it is able to feed two people in just 20 minutes while remaining safe to touch.

The Go Sun Sport’s award-winning patented design converts nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it’s reflectors into usable heat.

The Sport package includes: a durable Boro-silicate Evacuated Glass Tube cooking chamber, and two fold-able Parabolic Reflectors made of industry grade anodized aluminum.

Also, the cooking tray  is made of 304 culinary grade stainless steel, with a user’s manual, cook booklet,and a rugged scrubby cleaning tool that attaches onto the tray’s end.

Buy Go Sun Sport Pro Pack

Customer reviews

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Matt Gillespie on Amazon:

Definitely the best solar stove out there. It really works in the cold and light clouds, so I don’t have to over think cooking. Very impressed!

Buhrmanjl on Amazon:
I love my GoSun Sport. I have both the Pro-Pack and the GoSun Sport (2 separate cookers). I cook with it all the time and truly enjoy learning all of the capabilities. Over time so far it has been a hit when people walk into my house and I have them pulled out. People think they look like pieces of art! I have been able to cook tons of stuff in these, from hard boiled (not-boiled though) eggs, breads, kabobs, corn on the cobb, cookies, bratwurst, etc. This product has got my wife and I trying to figure out all the different ways we can use it. This is an amazing product!

Buy Go Sun Sport Pro Pack