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Skagen Men’s 42mm Black Leather Hybrid Smart Watch

Skagen Men’s 42mm Hagen Connected Black Leather Hybrid Smart Watch

The Hagen Connected hybrid smartwatch combines innovative technology with classic design. It features a no charge battery. Also the hybrid smartwatch features built-in activity tracking, filtered notifications, and automatic time and date adjustmentThe Hagen hybrid smart watch has a case size of 42  by 42 millimeters. And its strap width is 20 millimeters.

Activity tracking

It helps you track your everyday accomplishments including steps, distance, and calories burned and monitor your sleep duration and quality.


When a notification or alert arrives for an important text, email or app update, a gentle buzz lets you know right away. The SKAGEN app lets you customize which notifications and alerts you want to receive, monitor your activity and sleep, keep track of personalized goals.

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No charging

The Hagen smart watch is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery. Which means it does not need charging. The SKAGEN hybrid smartwatch unites clean design with smart technology for a timepiece that complements, without complicating your life.

Battery Life

The watch is  always connected with a battery life up to six months, based on usage. It automatically syncs to your phone. It is compatible with phones running Android OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+.

Discreet Alerts

Silent smartphone alerts filtered by choice. You can ring your misplaced phone from your wrists. Also you can control your music player from your watch. You could get interchangeable straps to change your look.


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