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Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

What’s in the Box

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Rift headset
From the moment you pick up Rift, you’ll feel and see the attention to detail that went into its design and construction. Comfortable, customizable, adaptive, and beautiful, Rift is technology and design as remarkable as the experience it enables.

Touch controllers

Oculus Touch is a pair of tracked controllers that give you the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own. Intuitive actions in VR feel as natural as using your real hands. It takes interaction to the next level.

Sensors (x2)

Rift’s precise, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the sensation of presence – the feeling as though you are actually there. You have never experienced immersion like this.


This product has a serial number that uniquely identifies the item. When your order ships, Amazon will scan the serial number and add it to the history of the order. Should the item go missing before it arrives, Amazon will also register the serial number with Recipero’s AssetWatch, to prevent fraudulent use or resale of the item. There is no action required from you and the serial number will only be used to prevent fraudulent activity associated with the missing item. Buy Oculus rift

System Requirements

The Oculus Touch controllers bring your hands into VR, letting you interact naturally with the virtual world
NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater Graphics Card Required and a RAM of 8 GB+ RAM
Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or newer Operating System required. Windows PC and internet connection required.Please review recommended specs to confirm system compatibility.


If you’ve got the PC to handle this, you really need to try the Rift + Touch. Especially at the great price point of ~$400 right now. I’ve had it for several days now and am really enjoying the experience. I haven’t tried the Vive, so will not try to compare there. However, I did try the PS VR for about a week. Hate to say it, but that experience was awful. I ended up taking the PS VR back to Best Buy. Long story, short. Check out the PC requirements – they’re stiff. If you’ve got the PC and have the slightest interest in VR, you need to try this out.

Here’s a long, long review of things I’ve tried and/or done right (and wrong!) with the Rift… Buy Oculus rift

Should have downloaded the Oculus software when I ordered the Rift. Once I got my Rift, I figured out that I’d have to download the software. It was tougher than it should have been to pick the initial drive to download to. I’ve got a solid state C: drive and really didn’t want to install there – but it was inordinately difficult to switch. Finally gave up and just took the plunge. If I’d worked on it ahead of time, I wouldn’t have felt as rushed.

There’s an initial training program that pops up. Don’t start sharing your Rift with anyone else until you’ve had the chance to go through training! I started sharing and didn’t get it back until the next day…

This bundle came with 2 sensors. Don’t set them up as you think they should be setup. One would think that the lines on top of the sensor should point to the general middle of where you will sit/stand. that didn’t work for me at first at all. My sensors are to my 2 and 10 o’clock – but the lines aren’t pointing at me. They’re pointing somewhere behind me. If you get them close enough to where they need to be, the install will show you how to twist things around – but it definitely seems odd setting them up originally. I can sit and stand and pretty much anything in between and both head and hands are tracked very well. Buy Oculus rift

Setup with the Touch sensors works really well. Once setup, you can ‘see’ where they are with your rift on – which helps immensely. There’s no fumbling around trying to figure out where they’re at or putting them in my lap or having someone hand them off to me… There’s also a guardian mode. On initial setup, you use the touch sensors with sound/vibration to delineate your play area without your Rift on. Then when you put the Rift on, you’ll see a grid around you if you get too close to your boundaries. it sounds more complicated than it really is – I’ve got an oddly shaped area with other desks and bookshelves and it works just fine.

This bundle comes with several games. My favorite so far is Dead and Buried. You can see your ghostly hands in front of you and there are several mini-games. Reloading is a neat flip of the hands and the sensors pick things up just fine. Some of the minigames also take advantage of you ducking or leaning. No discomfort here at all.

Steam VR was installed so that I could try out Google Earth VR. Important note! Make sure you go through the Steam VR setup process!!! I was standing on my tippy-toes with my chin at ground level until I figured that out. This one definitely made me queasy until I got it setup properly. Google Earth VR is just amazing. I’d like some way to search in VR as you do in Google Earth. It can be tough finding your way around the world flying like Superman…

Then the one I was really wanting to try… Elite Dangerous. I’ve had Elite for quite some time now, but it is completely different in the Rift. Things to note here: if you already have Elite installed, you have to go into graphics settings and select the headset from the 3d options. Volume was also inconsistent here – not sure if this is something to do with my drivers, but I was constantly fiddling with volume for some reason. At points way too loud, at others way too quiet. Buy Oculus rift

You’ll also need to get your finger ready on the F12 key – or whatever you have the re-centering key bound to. This took me several webcrawls to figure out the problem. Initial setup had me completely turned around in my chair in order to see the menu. Get close to where you’ll sit, then hit your recenter key. You may have to fiddle with that a little bit to get your head properly seated in your in-game body. I’ve got a HOTAS setup with the Saitek x52 and thought I would be fine… Unfortunately, I still have a few keys keyed to keyboard inputs – and that’s just not an option. I’ll have to do some more customizing before I can fully fly around in Elite.

I’d advise starting off in training mode because it really is that different. I’ve got a few bounties on my head.. Some space stations just have no sense of humor! But the sense of immersion is just amazing in Elite. Can’t quite make out those labels on your screen displays? Just lean a little closer. Look over your shoulder to track that pirate visually. Eyes hurting from flying too close to that sun while doing a fuel scoop – just look around your cockpit to take a break! Want to walk around your cockpit? Go for it! Okay – that one breaks the immersion a good bit as your body is left behind. But it would be interesting to do in one of the bigger ships just to see what happens… Buy Oculus rift

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