Solar Direct

Solar Direct

There’s a small company in Lagos, Nigeria. They have taken the bull by the horns, and they are reaching out to small and medium scale enterprises with their simple, renewable power generating systems.

The name of the company is Consistent Energy Limited. Segun Adaju is the CEO of Consistent Energy Limited. He has a vision to empower small businesses with electricity in a nation, without constant electricity supply.

The company installs a unique package for each business owner. It is consists of solar panels, a battery and an inverter. The company allows a pay as you go form of payment. An average payment in installments, is for the period of 12 months. Though there is an upfront deposit initially.

Learn more about their packages here


Koln Wind and Solar Company

Another company with a bigger operation is Koln Wind and Solar limited. They offer solar power installations for duplexes and large buildings. They are experienced and you can be assured of a thorough job. They can configure custom solar installations, based on your actual energy consumption.

You can find out more about them here